Our Approach


  • homes are made for living
  • homes keep families together
  • homes provide safety
  • homes foster everlasting memories


  • create functional living spaces
  • create spaces for enjoyable living
  • create spaces on a budget
  • create rooms you never want to leave

The challenges of taking an existing space and transforming that space  into something that a family can enjoy and be proud of is my passion.

We are blessed to have an artistic, creative and budget savvy vision to see the art of the possible and not break the bank because all of the old has to be replaced with new.



Our Story

We are a military family and have traveled the length and width of the USA. We have moved many times and made 14 houses into 14 homes.

A new house every two to three years is like reassembling puzzle pieces with different perimeters each time. With that adventure comes many challenges.

  •  Accessing storage that is not accessible
  • removing doors that chop up space and block the flow of a room
  • repurposing all types of existing furniture to fit or function in a different way
  • adding and adjusting shelf height in closets and cabinets
  • adding ceiling fans, air-conditioners, heaters
  • changing or adding lights
  • installing architectural features
  • removing cabinet doors
  • installing different types of window dressings to transform every conceivable shape of window into an inviting one,
  • plumbing modifications and the list goes on and on…

The home is the one place where a family can return to with the assurance of safety, family togetherness, good meals, fun times and a total escape from the challenges we all face with daily life.

Our mission is always to transform the squares and rectangles of our assigned house into a sanctuary where the furniture, assories, window dressings, etc… all exist to foster an inviting and luxurious homecoming for the family.

After 14 homes, not to mention Auntie G’s, brother-in-law’s, mother-in-law’s, parents and a few friends, we have experienced many seemingly insurmountable challenges and prevailed.

With Chuck’s horsepower and ability to fix and repair almost everything in a home, there are not too many obstacles we cannot overcome with his assistance.

As our military service nears the end of this chapter, we would like to turn the page into a new kind of service where we help transform spaces, change lives, and make a positive difference that will endure for a very long time.

We hope that when the time is right, we can meet up over a cup of coffee and talk about your dreams and desires for an existing living space and how to make such visions a reality.

Meet the Team


Delinda May

Founder & CEO

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Chuck July 2015 meet new neighbors

Charles May

Founder & CFO

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Coco Chanel

Design Assistant

Coco hails from Kenai, Alaska.  She has been with the May’s since she was seven weeks old.  Her assets are invaluable to the team.  She is always there to offer encouragement and a snuggle.  Known as the best in her field for persuading one to get out and take a walk to refresh ones mind and reset priorities.

Next Steps…

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